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Yassir van Unen

Founder, CEO

With many years of experience, treating autoimmune disease in Europe and much feedback from people throughout the online community, Yassir decided to...

cure autoimmune disease
May 10, 2017

How to Cure AutoImmune Disease

How to cure auto immune disease A lot of people are wondering: “How do I cure autoimmune disease?” And for good reason. There is no

autoimmune disease diet
May 1, 2017

Autoimmune Disease Diet Anti Inflammatory

Autoimmune Disease Diet. Does it matter? The answer is full heartedly YES! Diet is actually one of the major contributors to the development of autoimmune

April 13, 2017

Auto Immune Disorders and Leaky gut

There is a very close relationship between autoimmune disorders and leaky gut. As you may know, 80% of your immune system consists of your friendly

April 7, 2017

Famous people and Celebrities with AutoImmune Diseases:

If we know one thing for sure it’s that autoimmune disease does NOT discriminate. Wether you are young or old, a blue collar worker or