Auto Immune Disorders and Leaky gut

April 13, 2017 -

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There is a very close relationship between autoimmune disorders and leaky gut.
As you may know, 80% of your immune system consists of your friendly bacteria
living in your gut.

So when the immune system is mistaken and/or in overdrive, this has to do
with your gut for sure.

This also means that regular treatment that consists of / and is limited to:

  • NSAIDS / Painkillers to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Steroids to prevent the immunesystem from doing damage

Will NOT address the cause.
These types of drugs are not what will repair the gut.
Even worse, they are detrimantal to gut health!

So while you may notice less pain and discomfort for a while,
in the long run this will make matters much worse!
Especially since you with a damages gut, you increase the
chances of developing an additional autoimmune disorder!

Treating autoimmune disease through leaky gut

It may be very beneficial to use these drugs to prevent
more damage and keep your every day live doable, this should
only be part of a bigger treatment protocol.

Unfortunately this is not the case most of the times and people
are left to keep taking drugs till they die, while making them
walking timebombs.

For years now the medical literature has mentioned the gut as a
serious player in the onset and aggravation of autoimmune disorders.

Both the gut lining / intestinal wall, as well as the microbiome have
influence on autoimmune disorders.

Cure the gut, improve autoimmunity

The gut can be affected both positively and negatively through a lot
of choices that you make in your everyday life.
This means that your diet affects autoimmunity.
Stress affects autoimmunity. Because stress also affects the gut.

This is why we see a lot of people that have a worsening of their
symptoms when they have stressful periods.

Knowing what factors contribute to a healthy and damages gut,
makes you take charge (more) of your own health.

Things like diet and stress are major factors which you can affect
positively in you have the right information.

This is what we provide you with when you go through our
MyAutoImmuneCure treatment.

Now don’t expect wonders from the diet and lifestyle alone.
Normally this is used as prevention. A healthy lifestyle lessens
the risk of developing illness.

Curing or drastic improvements within 3 months takes MORE
than just lifestyle.
But lifestyle is the basis for the whole treatment.

When reparing leaky gut you want to make sure your lifestyle
and diet support the treatment. So we focus on helping you
eliminate damaging factors and improving on factors to promote

If you are interested in improving your current healt as well
as minimizing the chance of developing additional autoimmune
diseases, you can contact us for a FREE pre-scan
to see if you situation fits the MyAutoImmuneCure treatment.

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