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Autoimmune Disease Diet Anti Inflammatory

May 1, 2017 -

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autoimmune disease dietAutoimmune Disease Diet. Does it matter?
The answer is full heartedly YES!

Diet is actually one of the major contributors to
the development of autoimmune disease.
Anyone who tells you otherwise, just has not the
right background and knowledge.

As you will understand by browsing through the free
articles on this website as well as in the free E-book,
your gut has a lot to do with autoimmune disease.

As it happens, your diet has a lot to do with your gut.
What you eat determines your gut health!


So each time you put something in your mouth it affects
your intestintal health either positively or negatively.
Therefore there is something like an autoimmune disease diet.

AutoImmune Disease Diet & Anti Inflammatory

One of the great aspects of diet is that it can be pro-and anti inflammatory.
As you can understand, when your immunesystem attacks your own tissue and
there is resulting damage, there WILL be inflammation.

Know this: inflammation is good.
It is nothing more than a sign to tell the body healing is needed at a
certain location. It should come to an end though.
Preferably because the damage has been repaired.
( exactly what the MAIC therapy does)

So your diet is one of the factors that affects inflammation.
How can you use an autoimmune disease diet that is anti inflammatory?

Use more of the following:

  • Omega3 fatty acids
  • Lots of veggies
  • Serious amounts of herbs! (often overlooked) like oregano & holy basil
  • Green tea and herbal tea

Use less of these:

  • Refined foods
  • Sugar & sweets
  • Omega 6 like canola oil etc.
  • Gluten & dairy
  • Soy products
  • Soda

This will already shift the balance in favor to anti inflammatory
which can support the healing process.
This is the basis for a good autoimmune disease diet.

Can Diet alone heal Autoimmune Disease?

From my experience the answer is no.
The damage that has been done, that leads to autoimmune disease is
too much to heal with just diet.
This needs short and strong treatment.
Usually damage that can lead tu autoimmunty can be healed
in 3 to 4 months with the right protocol set up for YOUR
specific needs.

A personalized autoimmune disease diet however is also needed as a base.
And it can already give some relief.
Most of the time though I see that even though there is
some relief, this is minimal to the effect of a professional

Autoimmune Disease: Beyond the diet

To heal the damage pro-inflammatory factors need to be eliminated.

So while the diet alone will not be enough, it is needed for the
treatment to work fast and efficiently.

You can safely use the tips described above to make your way to
a more anti inflammatory diet.
This for sure will be a healthier diet!

If you already follow these tips and/or want faster results to improve
your current situation, please have a look at our effective MAIC protocol.

You can also contact us and ask for a Free PRE-scan to see
if you are eligable for fast and effective treatment of the cause.




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