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How to Cure AutoImmune Disease

May 10, 2017 -

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How to cure auto immune disease

A lot of people are wondering: “How do I cure autoimmune disease?”
And for good reason.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t look beyond medicine that
merely masks the symptoms and prevents more damage by disabling
your immunesystem.

Because that is what is mostly done.
Either NSAIDS / painkiller for inflammations and steroids to
stop the immune system from doing its job.
By our standards that is not a full and effective treatment.
Certainly not a cure for autoimmune disease.

Is there a cure for autoimmune disease?

I am not sure if cure here is the right word.
But let me tell you this:

For years there have been scientific studies that show the
possible causes of autoimmune disease and the various

Some of those triggers can be viruses, bacteria and also
vaccinations due to some of their ingrediënts.
Still not everybody that experiences those triggers
develops autoimmune disease.

So there is always a set of multiple factors that takes
place for autoimmune disease to develop.
So while these triggers can occur, there is a deeper
underlying factor that catalyzes the whole process.

One of the most important factors in this is leaky gut.
If you click the link you can read more in depth about
leaky gut.
Modern medical studies show that gut health is very
much related to disease and autoimmune disease
in particular.

Can my doctor cure my autoimmune disease?

That is the question, depending on his education.
Most of the time, the focus in their education is on
diagnosing you and give you the related medical treatment
which is 99% of the time a pharmaceutical ‘solution’.

Of we know one thing, it is that medication never cures.
It is there to supress symptoms and stop processes (like inflammation).
It does not address the cause.

So if you ask my honest opinion:
No, your doctor can not help to cure autoimmune disease due
to the fact, that his education is focused on treating the symptoms
rather than addressing the cause.

Beyond that is the fact that the cause, a damaged gut, is not repaired
with medicine.
It requires a personalized protocol including lifestyle changes, dietary
changes and often a regiment of supplements to repair the gut and

This is not what doctors learn. They are not educated in lifestyle and diet.
Let alone natural supplements. So while there is a place for your doctor
in all of this (especially diagnostics), we need to be realistic here and
see that treatment of the cause happens elsewhere.

Curing and Preventing AutoImmune Disease

MyAutoImmuneCure is specialized in treating the cause.
Our protocol helps to repair damage to your gut within
3 to 4 months in virtually all our patients.

This will help to calm down the autoimmune respons as
no foreign particles will enter your body anymore.

After that there are possibilities to make the immune system
see the difference again between foreign and own bodily tissue.
But the first focus is on the true root cause which is repairing
the leaky gut.

This will also minimize your chance of developing yet another
autoimmune disease.
This is where standard treatment fails even more so.

cure autoimmune disease

Take Action for Prevention

As long as the gut does not get healed, foreign particles can
enter beyond your gut wall. And while the immune system is
fighting them off, it can mistake itself between those proteins
and for instance your thyroid, myelin, muscles etc.

Not addressing the damages gut creates walking timebombs
out of autoimmune disease patiënts.

If you are interested in our protocol, please contact us.
You can do a Free PRE-scan to see if you are eligible for
our protocol.

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