Online MAIC Treatment


Good to see you here!

This means you are interested in getting your gut healed,
to make sure that no foreign particles will go beyond
your intestinal wall, which can lead to auto-immunity.


Join the tribe of cliënts who have undergone MAIC treatment
and feel way more energetic, painfree and happier.

You will get my full attention to make sure you will
get as much result as possible within the next 4 months.

Let me explain exactly what you will be getting when
you invest in yourself with the MAIC treatment:

YOUR own
MAIC Treatment Plan
Consists of:

Science Backed Dietary changes:

  • What you need in your diet to heal
  • What should you avoid that is damaging
  • How often to eat and when
  • What to drink and when

Science Backed Lifestyle optimisation:

  • How to handle stress
  • Nurturing your hormonal balance
  • Healing adrenals
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Optimizing fitness


  • What products and ingredients to avoid (e.g. xeno-estrogens)
  • How to support your detox organs (including your gut)

Science Backed Supplement regimen:

  • What is needed in order to repair YOUR gut
  • What is needed to rebalance YOUR microbiome
  • What steps need to be taken & in what order?

This personal treatment plan is based on your information provided
in the intake form, as well as additional questions I might ask you.

Review and Close

Also included are two review sessions.
Here we discuss your progress and see if you can
progress to the next steps in your plan.

Usually this will be 1 and 2 months after you've

At the end of your treatment we have a closing session
where we discuss your improvements in the last months,
as well as go through any questions you might have for the future.

The Total Treatment

All together you get:

  • My FREE review of your intake form
    (we only accept cliënts we can help)
  • Additional questions and recap
  • Your personal treatment plan as described above
  • 2 Review Sessions during your treatment period
  • A closing Session

Because I work very efficiëntly online
all this personalized help is yours for:

Not $500,-
Not $300,-
Not even $250,-

Only 179$ for 4 sessions within 4 months.

If you are ready to invest in yourself,
and found to be eligable after the FREE Pre-scan,
go ahead and book YOUR personal MAIC treatment
by clicking the button below: