This years testimonials

Deena Melendez, 27

Having Crohns I was worried what
the effect might be on my baby as we
were planning on getting pregnant.

Yassir really helped us a lot after doing
the intakeform by explaining us how the
mothers gut is responsible for the guthealth
of her baby.

So for sure I wanted to get my gut fixed
and have good bacteria as a healthy start
for my babygirl!

We waited till after the treatment so I could
get pregnant with a healthy gut.
Now 4 months pregnant and feeling confident
and happier than ever!

Thanks Yassir!

Micheal Evans, 38

I was not going to sit here and just accept
my Sarcoidosis and take drugs the rest of
my life.

Thankfully I came across MAIC that actually
focusses on my gut as a cause.
Looking back I had been abusing my gut so
it was no wonder I got health problems.
Still no doctor mentioned it to me.

After 3 months my gut was strong as mules
breath and I actually do not notice my AI
disease anymore!

Grace Bush, 44

The only complaint I have is that
I haven't discovered this earlier!

With Crohns & R.A. life can be a challenge
at best. Still 4 months later I do actually
notice improvement.

Less pain is the most important one.
And I am more happy. Not feeling as a
victim anymore but in charge!

Sarah Jones, 58

I have begun my autoimmune treatment
on january 10th 2017.
2017 is going to be VERY Different from my
previous years.
I just finished the treatment and things I notice
are less pain, feeling happier, more energy and
my allergies are GONE!
And I know what to do, to keep it like this.
Thank you SO much!

Jane Willow, 27

You might think autoimmune disease strikes
eldery but no. After reading the website I am
glad I got the treatment to prevent my from
developping yet another one!
One is MORE than enough already.

I feel better physically, but also mentally
more relaxed and confident, as I've also
learned how the process works and what I
can do myself.

Julia DaSilva, 29

'Thanks' to my AI-disease I was unable
to work. Goodbye income. Goodbye social life.
Hello Real Friends...

Not wanting to go on like this for another 50 years
or so, my and my husband looked online and found

The science backed treatment really convinced us
that Yassir is on the right track and way ahead of
his time. He sticks his neck out to help the millions
of us, that are left to take drugs and perhaps even
develop more AI-diseases(!)

After 4 months I am now able to get back into
my old routine. (only a healthier version)
Babysteps, but I will get there!

You are my hero Yassir 😉

Bridget Sweeny, 68

I developed RA at age 65.
Progression was slow untill last year.
It got worse very rapidly and wasn't already
liking taking all the drugs, so I looked further.

After getting some info I decided to try MAIC
and with great pleasure.
Don;t worry about the results. Perhaps even
more important is that Yassir knows your situation.
Having been there, working his own way up to the
solution makes him very emphatic and knowledgable.

I even got tips next to RA to make sure I keep aging
as optimal as possible!
Thank you sir!!

Rob Sonnen, 62

I know being 62 that I am not the youngest,
but with decades in front of me I did not enjoy
being in pain, unhappy and tired all the time.

My doctors told me to learn and live with it.
I told em that is not an option.
They said nothing could be done anymore.

Then I discovered myautoimmunecure.
Being skeptical at first I read all the scientic
sources he cited. Even though I have no medical
background I got more than enough insight
to see Yassir is very knowledgable and is more
interested in healing his clients that in following

The resultst speak for themselves.
Feeling like a 40 year old again!

If you would like to see improvement in your
current situation... just do it!
You will not regret it, regardless of age.

James McGregor, 42

Here in the UK the focus is on
painkilling and disabling my immunesystem.

It doesn't take a rocketscientist to see that this
is not a natural and healthy situation.
Reading the articles and blog I was sold!

The combination of scientific backed therapy,
years of experience and insight from his own
journey make Yassir the best at what he does!

In 3 months I feel like a new person!
You ow it to yourself to do this.
Don't try... go for it!