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Who is Yassir van Unen

Yassir van Unen is 33 year old, born and raised in The Netherlands,
who specialized in Auto Immune Disease treatment aswell as
intestinal health.
Two things that are virtually always intertwined.

Yassir got interested in health mainly because of his spouse
who became chronically ill at age 22(!)



I’ve sat way too often at the other side of the doctor’s table

When doctors could not find any causes after years of research, medication and visits
to specialists, Yassir became frustrated. Even more so when doctors told them there was
nothing that could be done and she should just live her life and not worry about it.
They even suggested visiting a psychologist(!)

Yassir was not putting up with this.

No way a 23 year old woman is going to continu for another 50/60 years, living
in pain, without energy, nothing. Impacting her job, hobbies, social life, relationships.
Chronical illness can affect it ALL.
And then you will also discover your real friends.


During this period Yassir had a good job in marketing and quit.
He was determined to help his wife get better.
So he used his saved up money to get back into school
to study orthomolecular therapy.


Working on the cause through hard science,
translated into soft (natural) methods.


Using every hour he could he learned a great deal about possible causes,
what to do to restore damage, prevent more illness and recover the body and
mind as a whole.


During his new education he helped his wife get better and better,
as well as himself.
His dustmite allergy that he had for 15 years, was gone in 3 months
as soon as Yassir discovered how to heal this.

Yassir van Unen
“Thanks to our new lifestyle, we were able to reduce our spendings on healthcare costs!
No more medicines, no more research & tests, consultations etc.
This could save you hundreds to thousands or dollars a year as well.

We use that money now to buy better food and enjoy a good holiday now & then,
like our trip last year to ZION NP, where I proposed to my wife @ angels landing.”

Adressing a need of millions: treat the cause!

So all the medication, special vacuumcleaners & bedsheets for my allergy
were a waste of money! In three months time his allergy was permanently
cured! Just as his wife’s hayfever.


And this was paramount, as allergies are a window to creating auto-immune
disease! This was important to prevent autoimmune disease.


Since then (2012) Yassir held practice where he treated thousands of people
with autoimmune and intestinal / hormonal issues succesfully.


After a lot of feedback in Europe & the US, Yassir decided to set up an online
environment where more people could be helped.


In the US alone there are over 23.000.00 people that are diagnosed
with autoimmune disease! And I bet not even 1 percent gets
looked at from a cause perspective. From the intestines
Let alone get treated accordingly.


People across the world that are aching for a solution.
People that are aching for an answer.
People that are aching to feel better.


By working very efficiently online, Yassir is now able
to help many more, with only a short waiting list.


Thanks to his MAIC Treatment that focusses on the
cause, virtually everybody is in-and out in 3 to 4 months.

This way many people can be helped to improve their
current situation and work on prevention of autoimmune